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Frequently asked questions about the digital menu

Here you can find the answers to all the common questions about BuonMenu and digital menus.

What is a digital menu?
A digital menu is a restaurant menu that can be read on a smartphone, tablet or computer. In particular most digital menus can be read directly on the user smartphone.

How much does it cost?
BuonMenu offers all the features for a fixed, affordable pricing (€25.00 / mo). Our business model is transparent, without hidden costs, and allows us to offer a professional and reliable service. Also note that you can include unlimited photos in your menu and that we don't display ads.

Can I try your service before buying it?
Yes, sure: you can try BuonMenu for free for 14 days, without any obligation. No credit card required.

Can you show some examples of digital menus?
Check out this example menu created by our staff or get inspired by hundreds of real restaurants that already use BuonMenu.

What features are included in your digital menu?
All the features are included - there are no hidden costs or strange limits. BuonMenu has tens of unique features that make it stand out compared to other basic solutions. Check out all the features in the pricing page.

How can people open the menu?
People can open your menu in different ways: using a link (e.g. buonmenu.com/restaurantname), scanning a QR code or searching for your restaurant on buonmenu.com.

Do you provide a QR code?
Yes, you can download a QR code from BuonMenu and use it anywhere: the QR code is simply an image that you can download from our website. The QR code opens directly your restaurant menu.

How can I print the QR code?
You can read our tutorial that describes how to print the QR code for your menu and how to show it inside your restaurant.

Can people read the menu online from any place?
Yes, the menu is online and people can read your menu from any place.

Can we use a tablet to show the menu?
Yes, you can give a tablet to your customers if you want. However it is not required, since people can open the menu on their smartphone.

Do people need to sign up or download an app in order to read the menu?
No, they don't need to sign up and they don't need to install an app. People can access to the menu directly, without hassle.

Do I need design or programming skills to create a menu?
No, you don't need technical skills. You simply enter your menu items and the design is created automatically.

Can I create multiple menus?
Yes, you can create multiple menus if you want. Then each menu is also divided into categories.

How can I create my online menu?
You can use our menu builder: read the step by step guide.

Can you digitalize our menu?
BuonMenu is simple and meant to be used by restaurants directly. In this way you can update the menu and improve it over time, without cost.

Can we have a menu in multiple languages?
Yes, you can use manual translations or automatic translations.

Can I add images to the menu?
Yes, you can add images for each item of the menu. We display large, high quality images. Images are optional and you can mix items with images and without images.

Can I change the menu color? Do you have a dark mode?
Yes, you can use any color for your menu. Whether you want to have a white background, a dark background or a colorful background you will love our menu.

Can I edit the menu after I have published it?
Yes, you can edit it at any time, without cost, and changes take place immediately.

Can I archive some items?
Yes, you can easily hide items, categories or entire menus and then restore them with a single click.

Can we use the menu on social networks or on our website?
Yes, your menu has a link that you can publish on social networks (like Instagram or Facebook) or on your website.

Can we show the menu in Google Maps and in search results?
Yes, you can add your menu to Google My Business to display it Google Maps and in search results. Also the menu is SEO friendly and uses JSON-LD metadata to be easily discovered by search engines.

Can we use BuonMenu to create a website for our restaurant?
Yes, you can use it as a minimalistic website for your restaurant.

Why should I choose BuonMenu over other solutions?
There are many reasons to choose our solution.

What are the benefits of a digital menu?
Digital menus offer many advantages and BuonMenu is the perfect choice.

Are digital menus only useful for Coronavirus?
BuonMenu started long before the outbreak of Coronavirus. Altought can be useful for that, the primary focus is to create the menu of the future.

Is your service reliable?
Absolutely yes. We are an Italian company with years of experience in web apps. Our main project Pushpad is used by large websites, with millions of visitors per day, offering a reliable and scalable service for years. Also consider that BuonMenu is much more reliable than a normal website because it runs on Amazon Web Services.