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How to create and print the QR code for a digital menu

Creating and printing the QR code for your restaurant menu is extremely simple.

Prerequisite: create an online menu

First of all you need to create an online menu for your restaurant.

If you don't have an online menu, you can create it using BuonMenu.

Create and download the QR code

Now you need to create the QR code for your online menu.

Using BuonMenu (recommended)

Go to your BuonMenu account, click QR code in the top navigation and download the QR code for your menu.

You can use the QR code like a normal image and use it inside your printed material.

Using a free QR code generator

If you prefer, you can create a QR code for any web page by searching for "create qr code" on Google and you will find many free services that can convert any URL (e.g. https://example.com/menu) into a QR code. However this is not recommended, since there are some services that are not reliable and you may have problems in the future.

Create and print a page with the QR code

Once you have saved the QR code image on your computer, it's time to print it.

Using a text editor

You can simply open Word, OpenOffice or any other word processor and create a page. Then inside the page click insert picture add the QR code image.

You can also add some text and illustrations to that page to improve the appearances (e.g. your logo, your menu URL, a background, etc.).

You can also adjust the page format. For example A4 is often too large and you can use a smaller page, like A6, A8 or a business card size. For example using OpenOffice click Format, Page and change the A4 to something else for a different page size.

Then print the page, either using your own printer or a professional service.

Using a design tool

If you want a more advanced design for the printed material, you can use a free design tool, like Inkscape, to design your page.

Alternatively you can use Canva, which is a website that lets you design leaflets, business cards and other printed material. It's very simple to use, you can create a personalized design and you can easily add the QR code that you have downloaded from BuonMenu.

Using an online printing service

This is probably the easiest method. Simply visit Vistaprint or any other online service for printing.

Then select the format that you want to print (for example business card or flyer). You can even use something creative, like a sticker.

Then select a template with a style that you like, customize it and then insert the QR code image that you downloaded in the previous step.

Finally place your order and you will receive the printed flyer with the QR code in a few days.

Add a place card holder

Although this step is optional, you usually want to add something to hold the business card with the QR code in a vertical position.

You just need to search online for "place card holder" or "menu holder" and you will find many results. For example you can search on Google or directly on Amazon or Etsy.


The method described here is one of he most common ways used by restaurants to present the QR code to the customers, however there are also many other alternatives to inform people about your digital menu.

For example you can simply write the URL of your menu (e.g. buonmenu.com/yourrestaurant) on a blackboard or simply print the QR code on a large sheet and put it at the entrance of your restaurant.