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How to see a menu with QR code

Are you sitting in the restaurant and you want to open the digital menu of the restaurant on your smartphone? Here's how you can scan the QR code provided by the restaurant and read the menu.

Nowadays many restaurants are replacing the old paper menus with better menus, called digital menus. A digital menu is a normal menu, but instead of printing it, you simply read it on your smartphone.

Usually the restaurants that have a digital menu place a QR code on the tables or at the entrance: you can scan the QR code in order to open the menu on your smartphone.

Here's a video that shows the opening of a digital menu using a QR code:

Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera

On the most recent Android and iOS devices you can simply open the Camera app and scan the QR code.

As soon as you point the camera to the QR code, your smartphone will display a message asking if you want to open the website: at that point you simply click on the message to confirm that you want to open the link and the restaurant menu will appear.

Alternative: use an app to scan the QR code

If your device doesn't have a built-in QR code reader, then you may have to download an app from the app store. Don't worry there are many free apps both for Android and iOS.

Open the App Store or the Play Store and search "QR code" or "QR code scanner" or "QR code reader" and you will find many apps. Simply install your favorite QR code scanner, then open the QR code scanner and point your smartphone to the QR code to read it. Finally click "Open the link" or a similar message in order to open the restaurant menu.