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How to open the digital menu on your smartphone

Let's say that you have published a beautiful menu online for your restaurant using BuonMenu. How can you tell your users about it? How can they open the digital menu?

Fortunately you can give instant and easy access to your online menu. Users don't need to install any app in order to read your online menu. They can simply open a link or search your restaurant name. You can even print a QR code and put it on the tables.

Here's some tips...

Website address

Each digital menu has its own address. For example:


You can simply tell people to visit that address or you can share it in many different ways, for example:

QR code

An easy way to give direct access to your online menu is to put a QR code on the tables. For example you can use a business card and place card holders. Or you can use some stickers.

Another simple option is to put a QR code at the entrance or in any other visible place.

If you use BuonMenu as an online menu, you can simply download the QR code from your account (go to QR code in the top navigation). The QR code can be used and printed as a normal image.

Then people with a smartphone (e.g. Android or Apple) simply open the camera and scan the QR code: their smartphone will immediately display your menu.

Give a tablet

You can give a tablet for each table, with your menu already opened in Chrome.

Most people will see the menu address and open the menu directly on their mobile, so you don't need to give multiple tablets for each table.


If people knows that your menu is online, they can simply search your menu on Google. That is very intuitive.

They can also search the name of your restaurant on buonmenu.com if they prefer.