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Let people find your restaurant menu on Google

Having a good online presence is essential for all businesses nowadays, including restaurants. People make their decisions by searching online and comparing the different results: if your restaurant looks great online, it's more likely to attract people. So let's see how you can easily make an awesome online menu for your restaurant and let people find it in search results.

Using BuonMenu.com you can easily create an online menu for your restaurant and then let people find it on Google or share it on social networks.

It's a full-featured menu, with a beautiful design and rich of information, that you can even use inside your restaurant (for example on tablet or directly on the user smartphone).

Once you have created your online menu you get a link:


Now your menu is online and anyone can read it.

Your restaurant menu in search results

People that search your restaurant or local restaurants on Google can find your menu in search results. It's a full and organized menu, as if they were in your restaurant. Your menu will make a great visual impact and you can add a lot of information about your dishes or the quality of your products. People will notice your restaurant and you will outdo all the competitors without online information or with amateurish websites.

Making an online menu with BuonMenu doesn't require technical skills and the result is professional. Also we use structured data (JSON-LD) to inform the search engines about your menu and make it more likely that they display your menu for relevant searches.

So basically an option to let people find your menu on search results is to use BuonMenu to create and publish an online menu for your restaurant.

Then you can also share the link to your menu from other websites, social networks or directly in your restaurant, in order to boost the popularity of that page.

Within some weeks, Google will index your restaurant menu and will start displaying it in search results. Obviously the position of your result depends on many factors, but from a technical point of view, our solution is completely optimized to be indexed. The online menu is fast, semantic, accessible and contains structured data, thus making it perfect for search engines and for humans.

Your restaurant menu in local search results

Beside displaying your menu in search results, you can also promote your online menu using Google My Business.

Basically when Google display your restaurant in Maps or in other local results, it can also display a link to your online menu. Here's how you can add it:

  1. Create an online menu, for example using BuonMenu
  2. Sign in to Google My Business and choose your restaurant
  3. In the navigation, click Info and then change the Menu URL (e.g. https://buonmenu.com/example)

Restaurant with menu link on Google You can add a link to your online menu using Google My Business and your online menu will be displayed in search results, like in this example. Then the user can click on the "Menu" link in order to open the restaurant menu.

Are you ready to create an online menu and improve your online presence?

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