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Coronavirus and hygiene in restaurants: there's a safer menu

When we first released BuonMenu, the first digital menu on the user smartphone, we were excited for all the advantages that it offers: one of them is certainly the hygiene.

Traditional menus on paper are difficult to clean. If you think about it, everything on a restaurant table is cleaned constantly: for example the dishes, the cutlery and the glasses are sanitized after every use. However the menu is touched by everyone, just before eating, and it is very difficult to clean. Probably many restaurants don't even clean it. In any case it is never sanitized.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, people and governments are becoming more interested in hygiene. We know for example that coronavirus can live on the surfaces for several hours... Wouldn't be great if we could avoid to pass around the same piece of paper?

A similar problem also applies to digital menus on tablets: you replace paper with something else, but the core issue is not solved.

Fortunately there's now a better alternative: people can read the restaurant menu directly on their own smartphone, thus avoiding indirect contact with other people when they eat. This is great not only for coronavirus, but as a general safety rule. Maybe someone would argue that we are too much worried... However why not use a better menu if we have one? Not only it's more hygienic, but it also appears more clean, sparkling, appealing and offers other tens of advantages.

It's also extremely simple for people to open a digital menu: they just need to scan a QR code with their smartphone or they can use a link like buonmenu.com/restaurantname if they prefer.

If you have a restaurant, you can start building your menu on smartphone easily: no technical skills required. People will love to read your menu on their smartphone!