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The definitive app for restaurant menus

BuonMenu is the web app for restaurant menus. Restaurants can easily create their digital menu and users can see the restaurant menus online, whether they are in the restaurant or at home.

If you are looking for a menu app for your restaurant you are in the right place.

Using the menu maker app, restaurants can easily create and update their online menu, with an intuitive interface. They can create a simple menu or create rich menus with lot of information and photos.

The menu is instantly published online and accessible from any device.

Edit menu item Online menu on smartphone Easily create and update your digital menu with the app. Then your users can see your menu directly on their smartphone.

BuonMenu.com is designed like a native app and looks perfect on mobile. It is also extremely fast, because BuonMenu uses advanced caching and loading techniques. However it can also be accessed like a website, directly from search for example, and doesn't require any installation. It can also be seen from tablets or computers.

BuonMenu is not like other apps.

First of all it has a beautiful, curated design... it's not just a table of text.

Also, your menu is completely dedicated, with just your branding, so that you can even use it inside your restaurant, instead of paper menus. Whereas most websites mix your content with links to other restaurants and competitors, BuonMenu only displays your own content inside your menu.

Unlike native apps, BuonMenu is a progressive web app. This means that your menu can be easily found on search engines, for example when someone searches your restaurant on Google. Your menu can also be linked easily from other websites or shared on social networks.

Finally BuonMenu.com aims to become the de-facto standard for digital menus, thanks to its user-centric interface: when a user sits at the table, can simply open the BuonMenu app, type your restaurant name... et voilà, they can see your menu.

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