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Add a better restaurant menu to Facebook

Facebook allows you to add a menu to your restaurant. However that feature is very basic. In this tutorial we'll see an alternative solution and its advantages.

To be clear: Facebook has a built-in feature to add a menu to your restaurant page. In order to use that open your page on Facebook, click About and then, inside the More info section, click Add menu. You now have two alternatives for your menu:

If you just want to showcase a few of your dishes they can be ok, but none of them are satisfying if you want to publish a complete menu online.

In particular the first alternative (uploading a PDF) is straightforward, but offers a poor user experience. It's difficult to browse a PDF, in particular on mobile. Have you ever wondered why all the online websites are displayed as web pages and not as simple PDF or Word documents uploaded online? For the same reason your online menu should be a web page and not a PDF if you want to make a good impression online.

The second alternative that Facebook offers is also very limited: you can add only a photo and a title for each item. What about the price, the description, the ingredients, the labels (e.g. organic, vegan)? You can't add them. What if you have a large menu you that you want to organize into multiple categories or you have multiple menus? You can't do that. What if you want to archive some items or menus that you want to temporarily hide and then restore? You can't. What if you don't have photos for each of your items or you simply don't want photos for all the items? Sorry... You will have to add a photo for every single item. This means that building and maintaining a real menu with that tool can be painful.

Finally when you have made your menu only people that have Facebook will have access to it. Oops... Not everybody has Facebook. Also your menu will be inside a context with a lot of noise and content: wouldn't be great if people could focus only on your menu when they open it?

For all the above reasons, we have built an alternative menu, that improves many aspects and that you can still share online or connect to your Facebook page. It is so clean and organized that you can even use it inside your restaurant, on tablet or directly on the user smartphone.

You can create your online menu using BuonMenu.com and then you will get a link like this:


It's an advanced menu, rich of features and with a beautiful design.

You can then use one of the following strategies to connect your online menu to Facebook:

Are you ready to build a better online menu that you can easily share on Facebook and on other social networks? Let's get started:

Create an online menu for Facebook →