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How to create a digital menu for your restaurant

You can use BuonMenu.com to easily create and publish a digital menu for your restaurant. Creating and updating a menu is easy and doesn't require technical skills. The online menu will look beautiful both on desktop and mobile.

Let's get started...

Sign up

First of all you need to create an account for your restaurant on BuonMenu.com.

You just need to enter your restaurant name, a username for your restaurant, your email and a new password.

Then you will receive a confirmation email: click on the link in that email to confirm the creation of your account. Et voilà... now you can create your online menu.

Complete your profile

Before creating your menu, we recommend to fill in all the fields in the restaurant profile: your menu will include that information and it will look much better.

After login, click Profile in order to add the following information (which is optional):

Create your first menu

Click Add menu to create a new menu (e.g. Daily menu, À la carte menu, Fixed price menu, etc.).

Enter a name for the menu and optionally a description. There is also an optional price field that is useful only for fixed price menus.

Click Create menu and then click the name of your new menu in order to open it in the admin dashboard.

Add some categories to the menu

Before adding the items you need to add some categories (e.g. Starter, Main course, Salads, Dessert, etc.). Click Add category in order to do that.

After you have created the categories you can click on a category in order to open it.

Add some items

Finally you can add some items to the categories (e.g. Spaghetti and meatballs, Apple pie, etc.). Once you are inside a category, click Add item. You will see the following fields (only the name is required):

After the creation of the item you can also add some variants of the product (e.g. quantity, size, flavor, etc.) by clicking Add variant. Variants are optional and each variant has a name and price.


If you want, you can add images to your menu items.

Images must be in JPEG format and they will be optimized automatically by our service.

We recommend to use horizontal images for BuonMenu (otherwise they will be cropped by our service). Images are cropped automatically in order to have a 2:1 aspect ratio. For best results, you can take horizontal photos with your camera or alternatively crop the photos manually to make them horizontal before uploading them to BuonMenu.

We recommend to upload only high resolution images for best results (e.g. 1200x600px or more).

View your menu

Go back to your profile and you should see a Preview link in the top navigation. Click that link to see how your menus appear to your users.

Your menu is public and accessible at this address:


You can now promote your online menu in many different ways.

Share the link or use the QR code

You can click the QR code button in the top navigation in order to see your menu address. You can simply share that link to let people see your menu.

In the same page there is also a QR code: you can download it as a normal image and use it anywhere.

You can also read our tutorial that describes how to print and show the QR code.

Improve and update your menu at any time

You don't need to complete everything to begin: you can start using the digital menu for some items and then add more information and photos gradually. In any case you can update and improve your menu at any time and the updates take place immediately.

Beside adding and removing items, here's some useful features to keep your menu updated:

The archive function is especially useful for menus that need to be frequently changed, like a menu of the day.

You can also translate your menu in different languages, either using automatic translations or manual translations, and add useful links to your menu.

Finally we recommend that you read these design tips to avoid common mistakes and create a professional menu.