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A simple website and online menu for restaurants

BuonMenu is the online menu for restaurants. It allows you to add a lot of information about your restaurant and your dishes, so it can be a simple and effective solution for your online presence.

BuonMenu is not a simple menu with just the item names and prices. It is a rich menu builder, with many features, designed specifically for restaurants, which allows you to add information and photos for your items and keep it organized. You can give information about your restaurant, your menus and your preparations. You can also include links to your website or favorite social, your phone number, location and more. And most importantly you can add a lot of information about your recipes or ingredients, without making the menu hard to read.

In order to create your online presence with our website and menu builder, you don't need technical skills. Simply add the information and we will automatically generate a beautiful, interactive page for your restaurant. The page is automatically optimized for search engines, in order to rank higher on search results and let people find your restaurant and your menu.

Each restaurant page has its own address:


This means that you can easily share your online menu with your customers: you can publish it on social media or let people know about it in many different ways.

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