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A cheaper menu on tablet for your restaurant

BuonMenu is the online menu for restaurants. You can use it also inside your restaurant by giving a tablet to your users.

An online menu that works perfectly on any tablet

Compared to other solutions BuonMenu is much cheaper: our service allows you to create an awesome online menu and then you can open that menu on any device, including tablets. So our solution is extremely simple and effective.

We don't sell hardware, so you are free to choose your preferred tablets, saving hundreds of dollars. Then you simply open the online menu on the tablet (using a wifi connection for example) and you give the tablet to your customers.

It works also on the user smartphone

Also, your customers can even open the exact same menu on their personal smartphone, so you don't need to provide many tablets.

They simply read the website address from the tablet (e.g. buonmenu.com/restaurantname) and they can easily open the same page on their smartphone. You can also inform them in other ways.

It's a simple replacement for paper

Finally our digital menu is a simple replacement for paper menus: you don't have to change your current workflow or the hardware that you use for waiters and receipts. BuonMenu is simply the menu that you give to your customers... and they will be impressed by the beauty of the design!

Are you interested?

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