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What are the benefits of digital menus?

There are tens of reasons to choose a digital menu.

In particular we analyze the advantages of using BuonMenu, which is an online, digital menu that users can read directly on their smartphone, whether they are in your restaurant or at home.

Here's the benefits:


Have you noticed how many people use their smartphone when they are sitting at the table? Let them browse your restaurant menu directly on their smartphone.

Digital menus on the user smartphone are simply the future.

Online and always available

Your digital menu is online and always accessible, like a normal website.

Your customers can open your digital menu in your restaurant, but can also read the same menu online, on the road, directly from work, from home, or from anywhere else. They can read it at any time.

People can also find your menu on search results, for example when they search your restaurant on Google. Your online menu created with BuonMenu is optimized for search engines and can also increases the rank of your website.

Having your menu online is also useful for take-away. Your customers can see the digital menu from home, when they make phone orders, use food delivery apps, or simply want to choose their take-away menu in advance.

Easy updates

You can update your menu at any time and changes take place immediately.

For example you can edit product availability and price, improve the descriptions, move some items, create daily menus, or make any other change.

You can also archive some items or entire menus and then restore them with a single click.

Since your digital menu is dynamic, you can test new products: add or remove items with ease from your main menu, instead of having the new products on a separate piece of paper. You can also let your menu change without hassle depending on availability of seasonal products.

More information and images

You can add more information to your menu without making it hard to read. Hyperlinks and multiple pages allow users to navigate your menu and get more information only when they need it.

You can also add descriptions and dedicated pages for each item: in this way you can give value to your recipes. For example you can tell the users what's behind a product by adding information about the quality of your process and the ingredients that you use.

You can also add images for each item on your menu to make it more appealing.

Promote any kind of menu

Beside your main menu, you can use your online menu to promote:

Professional and easy to create

A digital menu is easy to create and it always looks good, because it is designed by professionals and you don't need technical skills.

It is much easier to create compared to a website, because you don't need design skills: you just need add the required information and photos and BuonMenu takes care of the design.

All the online menus created with BuonMenu offer a perfect user experience and look great both on desktop and mobile.

Unlike social networks or messy websites, stay assured that your digital menu display your content and your branding. BuonMenu is a professional solution and we don't add our branding or other contents from our website to your digital menu.

Finally note that BuonMenu is a progressive web app, meaning that your online menu is a website, but looks and feels like an app, resulting in a better user experience and fast navigation. Also the users don't need to download any app and this allows a straightforward access to your menu, even the first time.

Better experience at the table

First of all you have more space on the table and you don't have to waste space with a pile of menus. At the same time there's a menu for everyone: you don't need to print stacks of menus and users don't need to wait their turn to read the menu. Everyone can get its copy of the menu, even on a large table.

The menu is always available, during the whole meal, and the users don't need to ask the waiter to bring it: for example they can open the menu as soon as they sit or they can start reading about the desserts during the meal.

The menu is always clean and sparkling: users can use their new smartphone to read the menu instead of an old menu that was used by many people.

Compared to traditional menus, digital menus are more accessible. For people with poor eyesight or blind people it is easier to read a digital menu, rather than a printed menu. They can also use zoom and other assistive technologies.

Finally translations are easier. The digital menu seen by your customers is written completely by you in your language, but your digital menu can be easily translated by users in their preferred language using their browser tools. For example, if you visit the menu with Chrome, it will ask if you want to translate the text automatically.

Affordable and free to try

A digital menu on the user smartphone is affordable. Basically it has a fixed price, regardless of your volume of sales. For example BuonMenu costs about €300.00 / year and you can try it for 14 days for free.

First of all you don't need to hire a developer because it does not require technical skills. It is much cheaper than creating a website, because all you have to do is to enter the information about your products - we think about the rest. Also, it is easy to integrate it into your existing workflow, because all you have to do is replace your old paper menu with the digital menu: you don't have to change the system that you use for orders or invoicing.

It is also cheaper compared to solutions that require tablets: BuonMenu runs on the smartphones that users already have. If you want you can have a courtesy tablet, in case of need, but that is a plus and most people will use their own device.

If you change your menu frequently, the digital menu is also cheaper compared to printed menus. Even more important it is eco-friendly since it removes paper from your workflow.