Digital Menu for Restaurants

BuonMenu is the digital menu for restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, coffee shops and eating establishments. It was created with passion in Italy for restaurants all over the world.


BuonMenu is completely free until May 2021 to help restaurants against Covid-19. BuonMenu started long before the outbreak of Covid-19 and aims to become the menu of the future.

Easy access, with QR code

You can easily open the digital menu using a QR code placed at the entrance or at the tables inside the restaurant. Restaurants can also give you a link (e.g. or you can search the restaurant name.

Smartphone, tablet or computer

BuonMenu can be opened on any device. Everyone can open the menu directly on their own smartphone. However some restaurants also use it on tablets.

No app to install

You can open a menu instantly, without stress: you don't need to download or install any app and you can read the menu without any registration.


The menu is online and always accessible: it can be read from any location, at any time. You can also add a link to it from any website or app.

More information

Our digital menu allows restaurants to include more information for each product, without making the menu hard to read. Each item can be expanded and restaurants can include descriptions, highlight product qualities (like vegan, bio, home-made, gluten-free, etc.) and describe the ingredients.

High-quality Photos

Restaurants can include large photos for all products or some of them. Images let you understand the menu without effort and will make your mouth water.

Browse the menu easily

The menus are easy to read and well organized. Each restaurant may have multiple menus (e.g. à la carte, daily menu, etc.) and inside a menu you can easily jump between different sections.

Beautiful design

BuonMenu has a professional design, on any device. BuonMenu allows restaurants to create perfect menus, without the need for design skills.


BuonMenu allows you to see an automatic translation of the menu when you open it with a recent browser, like Chrome. Restaurants can also create menus translated manually.

Clean and safe

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, digital menus become a safer alternative to paper menus, since you avoid that multiple people touches the same thing during the meal. A digital menu is always new and sprkling and restaurants don't need to clean or replace it repeatedly.


A digital menu removes paper from the restaurant workflow, saving the trees.

Social networks and search

Any menu can be shared using a link with the restaurant name (e.g. Restaurants can make it easy to find their menu by adding the link to their social profiles (like Facebook or Instagram) or connecting the menu to Google Maps (using Google My Business). It also becomes easy to find the menu of your favorite restaurant by searching online.

Simple and always updated

Restaurants can create and update their digital menu directly, at any time, cutting the cost and offering a better menu, that is always updated and that can be improved over time. The menu is dynamic and can also include daily menus or new products, without an additional piece of paper.