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Useful links to include in your digital menu

One of the advantages of a digital menu for restaurants, like BuonMenu, is that you can include useful links directly inside your menu. In this way your guests have immediate access to relevant information and you can promote actions that are valuable for your business.

If you use a traditional menu on paper it's difficult to give a link to your customers: you could either tell them to search something online or print the link on paper, however that is not straightforward and the whole process is cumbersome.

On the other hand, if you use a digital menu, your customers can easily open the menu (e.g. using a QR code or using a link on Instagram) and then they have access to multiple links. Then they can simply click any link on the web page (the digital menu), rather than having to type manually the links that they read on paper.

Including some links in your menu can have a positive impact for your business, so let's see how to add the links to your digital menu and what are some of the most useful links that you can include in your digital menu.

How to add links to your digital menu using BuonMenu

First of all you need to create a digital menu using BuonMenu.

Then you have two options to include the links:

Digital menu with social links Digital menu with useful links Examples of useful links inside a digital menu. In the first example there are some social icons at the top. In the second example there is a website in the top navigation and some specific links inside the menu: a link to promote an event organized by the restaurant and a link to book a table.

Examples of links that you may want to include in your restaurant menu

Here's some useful links that you can include in your restaurant menu: