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Free digital menu for restaurants

BuonMenu is 100% free until 31 May 2021 for restaurants that sign up before 15 September 2020.

Update: This promotion ended on 15 September 2020 after several months. Normal pricing will be applied for new accounts (you can still try BuonMenu for free for 14 days).

BuonMenu is a digital menu, optimized for the user smartphone, that was created way before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It is a quality product, that was perfected over time, and not a service created now in a hurry just to sell something.

We don't think that asking money to restaurants now, in the middle of the crisis, is something fair. We want to help all restaurants to start again, and we decided to give our product for free (even if that has a cost for our company, since we don't display ads on BuonMenu).

We strongly believe in the quality of our product and we are absolutely sure that restaurants will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of our product compared to other solutions.

We expect that most restaurants that try BuonMenu now, will continue to use our product in the next years. This is why we give it completely free now.

Our business is clear, without hidden costs or suspicious marketing strategies.

You can create your free digital menu and use it for 1 year without any obligation or contract for the future.

Then, starting from May 2021, BuonMenu will have an honest, affordable price. If you are no longer interested, then your menu will be simply removed from our service. Otherwise you can add a payment method and keep using our digital menu.

Give it a try, it's free!